This program supports a family of courses that meet the needs of everyone with outdoor interests, from easy day trips to challenging and technical activities, including wilderness rescue. The Wilderness Emergency Care textbook not only explains the concepts in clear language, it also shows you how to do all the skills, step by step, with many photos and drawings. These skills are also valuable in the event of a disaster
Basic Wilderness First Aid - Is an intensive 8- to 10-hour course for those who are involved in wilderness recreation. This course may also meet the needs of volunteers and professionals who lead groups on short trips in relatively low-risk situations.  
Wilderness First Aid - A 16- to 20-hour course for those who are involved in serious wilderness activities. This course is the choice of many wilderness trip leaders, guides, camp staff, university/college pre-orientation trips,  youth organizations and satisfies the back county first aid requirements for BSA. A CPR/AED Module can be added to this class for those interested. 
Wilderness First Responder - Is a 60 to 80 hour course for wilderness professionals and others who want a higher level of training or require WFR certification
Wilderness Emergency Care

Liz Bramble "packaged" in a stokes litter and ready for 
transport at a Wilderness First Responder re-fresher class
Applying what you learned in a Wilderness First Aid Class
Wonderland Trail 2010
Indian Bar